Education Abroad Program (EAP)

If you are interested in studying in another country, please first visit the Berkeley Study Abroad website.

The Media Studies program strongly encourages study abroad.  Study abroad allows students to gain a global perspective on media industries, practices, and content.  Media Studies does not place a cap on the number of upper-division electives for the major that students may take while abroad. 

In addition to courses taken abroad, we also encourage students to plan for and enhance their understanding of global media by taking courses at UC Berkeley that explore media from a global experience.  These include our Media Studies 160: International Media course as well as a number of electives offered by other UC Berkeley programs and departments.  

Currently approved electives at UC Berkeley with a global focus include the following:

African American Studies 142A: Third World Cinema 
Asian American Studies 138: Topics in Asian Popular Culture (all topics) 
Asian American Studies 171: Asian Americans in Film and Video
Chicano Studies 135A: Latino Narrative Film: to the 1980s
Chicano Studies 135B: Latino Narrative Film Since 1990
Chicano Studies 135C: Latino Documentary Film
Chinese 172: Contemporary Chinese Language Cinema
Chinese 188: Popular Media in Modern China
Dutch 171AC: From New Amsterdam to New York: Race, Culture and Identity in New Netherlands
Film and Media 160: National Cinema (all topics)
French 141: France, Europe, and the Refugee “Crisis”: Explorations in Fiction and Film
French 170: Introduction to French Cinema
Geography C152: Multicultural Europe
German 186: Transnational Cinema
German 160B: Politics and Culture in 20th-Century Germany: Fascism and Propaganda
Global 100S: Global Societies and Culture
Interdisciplinary Studies Field Major 100H: Introduction to Media and International Relations
International and Area Studies 120: Special Topics in International and Area Studies: Human Rights and Film
International and Area Studies 120: Special Topics in International and Area Studies: “Contemporary Africa Through Film”
Italian Studies 170: The Italian Cinema: History, Genres, Authors
Italian Studies 175: Film and Literature (in English)
Japanese 181: Reframing Disaster: Fukushima, Before and After
Japanese 185: Introduction to Japanese Cinema
Korean 186: Introduction to Korean Cinema
Korean 187: History and Memory in Korean Cinema
Korean 188: Cold War Culture in Korea: Literature and Film 
Media Studies 160: International Media
Music 139: Topics in Musics of the World: Music in Brazil
Music 139: Topics in Musics of the World: Popular Music of East Asia
Portuguese 113: Brazil: Film and Word: Movies as a Gateway to Brazilian History and Culture (in English)
Scandinavian 115: Studies in Drama and Film: Contemporary Film and Television in the Global North
Slavic Languages and Literature 138: Topics in Russian and Soviet Film: Sergei Eisenstein

To see Media Studies electives approved from various UCEAP in countries around the world, we encourage you to search the Media Studies Course Credit Spreadsheet here:

Media Studies and Communication Course Credit Spreadsheet

Additional information on study abroad will be forthcoming.  Please check this page again in the future.